Plastic debris on beaches almost unbelievable

All it takes is a strong onshore breeze and a king tide to let our beaches remind us of the devastating effect of plastic on our oceans and the life that they support.
From Putty Beach in Bouddi National Park to Killcare beach, the amount of plastic debris is almost unbelievable.
In the space of a few minutes and over a few square metres, my wife and I collected more than a kilogram of small plastic fragments, just the size that seabirds and fish will ingest.
Inaction by authorities responsible for environmental protection, from local councils to state government, means that we should all be playing a role in reducing plastic usage.
Refuse to support cafes and bars that still use plastic straws.
Don’t purchase plastic bottled water, milk, soft drinks.
There are alternate packaging options available.
Lobby our local councillors to put the necessary regulations in place to remove as much plastic packaging as possible.
Banning plastic bags in shops is a good start, but so much more can be done.
Oh, and when visiting the beach, remember to “take three for the sea”.

Email, 24 May 2020
Rory McCarthy, Pretty Beach

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