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Collapse Issue 362 - 23 Feb 2015Issue 362 - 23 Feb 2015
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Rail underpass second stage funded, but not third
Chamber questions underpass cost blow-out and value
Applicant appeals boarding house refusal
Beachwatch report shows poor water quality
Tenders let for Woy Woy oval redevelopment
Service station may be redeveloped
Caravan park land could be reclassified
Junior Guide unit re-opens
Bambara activist runs as independent
Three Clean Up sites registered
Assistance at two marine incidents
Esplanade close for drainage works
Collision at Staples Lookout being investigated
Marine dealer warned over anti-social behaviour
Laneway to be closed to through traffic
Townhouse development proposed
Council removes old restriction
Council CDO investment returns full value
Council restructure proceeds
Chamber welcomes West Gosford progress
February rainfall below average
Small business struggles
No mandate to sell off power lines
Support program for teenage mums
Minister joins Holstein on Woy Woy visit
Event protests violence
Women's day celebrated at health centre
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Craft centre makes comfort cushions and bags
Yes, Prime Minister comes to Woy Woy
Photographic competition
Etchings on show at Patonga
Photographic exhibition held at Hardys Bay
School survey extends to students
School subsidises bullying workshops
Classes held in English as a second language
Apology assemby
Road education opportunity
Homework club held on Mondays
School buys online licences
Radio show broadcasts from Ettalong
Teachers complete holiday training
Donations for wheel chairs
Filling up on toast
Touch team in finals
Surf club initiates clean-up program
Triathlon children make record attempt
Surf boats compete in Australian Open
Bridge club starts
Charity bowls day
Ettalong played semi-final catch-up
Tell Us Your Story exhibition planned

Rail underpass second stage funded, but not third

The State Government has committed an extra $7 million to allow the completion of the second stage of the Woy Woy Rd railway underpass project to be completed.

However, the Government appears to have abandoned any commitment to funding the third stage of the project - the realignment of Woy Woy Rd through the Bays area, now describing the project as a two-stage project.

The commitment was announced at the opening on Thursday, February 12, of a pedestrian underpass at the Rawson Rd level crossing, which cost $6.2 milllion alone.

At the opening, Minister for Roads and Freight Mr Duncan Gay said the project would eventually close the existing level crossing at Rawson Rd.

"Gosford Council has completed stage one work, which included providing a new pedestrian and cyclist underpass alongside Rawson Rd and below the railway tracks," Minister Gay said.

"Pedestrian access to the underpass has also been upgraded along Waterview and Railway Sts.

"The NSW Government provided funding for the work as part of the $45 million commitment to build an underpass to replace the Woy Woy rail level crossing.

"But we have committed an additional $7 million to fulfil our commitment to remove the existing crossing and replace it with a safer option.

"That is a total of $52 million to deliver the two stages the community has been waiting for," Minister Gay said.

Mr Holstein said the completion of stage two work would enable the full closure of the Rawson Rd level crossing.

"Stage two work involves upgrading and extending Railway St and Nagari Rd and a new vehicle underpass and bridge over Woy Woy Creek at Bulls Hill," Mr Holstein said.

"Four years ago I stood here and said the NSW Government was committed to this project and I am so proud to see stage one completed.

"For too long our community was neglected under former governments and I am so proud the NSW Government is listening and delivering what our community expects and deserves."

Mr Holstein said that the Government had not committed to stage three because stage two would not be started until the West Gosford intersection had been completed.

"We can't really commence major works there until we've got West Gosford well in control and a lot of the burden has eased there.

"We wouldn't want to have both major roads leading into the Peninsula clogged with road works.

"I will be pushing for stage three funding nearing completion of stage two," he said.

"Even when Minister Gay was up the other day making this announcement, he knows that I'm going to be looking for the next stage as this progresses."

Gosford Council's director of Construction and Operations Mr Stan Antczak said local artists had been invited to carry out an art installation within the tunnel and access ramps with a focus on 'names' and their connection to people and places of the Peninsula.

"The first phase of the art installation is expected to be completed mid next month with phase two due for completion in March next year," Mr Antczak said.


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