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Collapse Issue 370 - 22 Jun 2015Issue 370 - 22 Jun 2015
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Work halted at aboriginal burial ground
More time granted to Bells developer
Coopers of Umina to close
Mingaletta re-elects Aunty Di as chair
Sewer relocation to cost $1.15 million
Council endorses coastal management study
Runabout towed to Davistown
New material handler for Woy Woy tip
Robyn Warburton collects house photos
Photos of Patonga hotel robbery released
Residents urged to buy a pig
Heritage award for Julie Aitchison
German conversation
Former AFL player visits Mingaletta
Water main bursts
Rotary club celebrates 65 years
View Club meets at Everglades
Information about Killy Cares
Group appoints community reps
Quilt raffle drawn
'Dramatic erosion' at Lobster Beach
New bridge opens in creek restoration
Community rallied with 'brutal' storms
New Australians move to Hardys Bay
Fire crew active during storm
Many worked for community benefit
Marina upgrade
Clean-up continues at The Bays
Release study or more heritage will be lost
Move Gosford office to Woy Woy
Waiting times will increase
University would be part of 50-year vision
Community involvement or failed rhetoric
Weeping as Labor corruption abounds
What are MPs doing about fuel prices?
Blood service visits hospital
Renovated aged care centre is opened
Charity day raises money for prostate treatment
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Fisherman's Wharf restaurant celebrates 40 years
Community group plans wine, cheese and art days
Card-making during the school holidays
Storms bring creative opportunity
Singer-songwriter night at folk club
Band introduces music to children
Photo exhibition attracts special visitor
Alissa launches film broadcasting business
Umina artist chosen for music challenge
Teachers volunteers overseas
Dance group performs
Book fair at Umina
Fairy tale parade
Public speaking
Soccer team plays other schools
Kindy pupils visit theatre
Celebrating Naidoc Week
College principal visits Umina
Poppy-makers receive letter of thanks
Presenting speeches
Sponsors sought for movie night
Overnight excursion to Sydney
Students represent school
Woy Woy were too strong for The Entrance
Thousands run in Bay-to-Bay
Charity day raises $5500
Frigid Digits host four-way swim
Gym upgraded at Leisure Centre
Judo club wins 18 medals
Judo players in national champs
Kingfisher carnival held for 44th time
Comp for senior surfboard riders
Women take Grade 1 playoffs
Successful season for Killcare surf club
Judo run-up started at Erina open

Work halted at aboriginal burial ground

Work has come to a halt on a Booker Bay development after it was claimed to have damaged a culturally-significant aboriginal burial ground.

The Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council has claimed that excavation for a new building had "significantly damaged" a shell midden and that Gosford Council was responsible for providing incorrect information which allowed it to occur.

Gosford Council had written to the developer stating "that the site was clear for development" and it "did not declare the previously identified requirements for an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit", according to Darkinjung CEO Mr Sean Gordon

"It's just heartbreaking to see a potential site of our collective history bulldozed over because of an administrative error, oversight or any other reason," he said.

"Despite the damage to the site and potential breaches of the National Parks and Wildlife Act, we remain committed to working with all relevant parties to develop an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit for the site so that works can proceed.

"With an increased awareness of our culture and history, we can all ensure that we're protecting our shared history.

"Together, we can make sure that errors like this don't ever happen again," he said.

According to Mr Gordon, the recent history surrounding the site in Booker Bay Rd, Booker Bay started in July 1970 when aboriginal remains were found within property.

In April 2010, a development application was made for the property by its former owner.

Then in June 2010, an initial inspection reported the possible presence of an Aboriginal burial ground and shell midden.

The site was then registered with the Office of Environment and Heritage's Aboriginal Information Management System.

In April 2012, the property's former owners commissioned a report on the property by Austral Archaeology.

Austral determined, among other things, that the entire study area was considered to be of high potential significance and any subsurface activity in the study area could have had an adverse impact on the important site, Mr Gordon said.

The Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council formally responded to Austral Archaology in June 2012 and suggested further investigation was warranted.

"In July 2012, Gosford Council received notice from Office of Environment and Heritage that recommended an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit and strict compliance with its terms," Mr Gordon said.

According to Mr Gordon, between August 2012 and February 2015, the property was sold to its new owner, Urban Growth NSW.

"The new owner demolished the existing dwelling on the property and developed a new dwelling under State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP, Affordable Rental Housing) 2009," Mr Gordon said.

"In February 2015, the Office of Environment and Heritage received a report of damage by construction works to a registered shell midden on the site."

"For more than five years we've been working with Gosford Council, various state government departments and the former owner of a property in Booker Bay to properly determine the cultural significance of the site," Mr Gordon said.

"It's extremely disappointing that after all this time, diligence and effort from so many people, we now have an unapproved construction sitting on top of a potentially culturally significant site.

"As a community here on the Central Coast and especially on the Woy Woy Peninsula, there is a strong recognition of the importance of our heritage.

"This is not just aboriginal heritage, this is Australian heritage."


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