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Collapse Issue 350 - 25 Aug 2014Issue 350 - 25 Aug 2014
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Decision on three-storey development deferred
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Major fours championship
Charity day raises $866

Decision on three-storey development deferred

Gosford Council will consider a development application for a mixed use three-storey development on the corner of West St and Rickard St, Umina, at its next meeting on Tuesday, August 26.

It was deferred from the August 12 meeting pending a site inspection by councillors.

The application for the development, valued at around $1.6 million, includes commercial units, car parking, an 88 place childcare centre and residential apartments.

The proposal would require the demolition of the existing dwelling and commercial car yard.

The development site comprises both commercial and residential zoned land.

According to the report to council by the department of governance and planning, the building has been designed so that most of the enclosed floor area was situated on the commercial zoned part of the site, providing a "low impact development interface" with the existing adjoining residential development.

"As a result, strict compliance with the applicable development standards of the Gosford Planning Scheme Ordinance relating to floor space ratio is not achieved and the applicant has sought variation to the applicable floor space ratio control under the provisions of SEPP 1 - Development Standards."

The report also stated that the application had considered amenity impacts to surrounding residents in the 2(b) residential zone in Rickard Rd including overshadowing impact, visual bulk, height and scale, loss of privacy and potential noise impact and internal impacts.

Council staff considered the impacts to be "within reasonable limits".

The provision of car parking on site was also non-compliant with a shortfall of 12 spaces.

"Such deficiencies may be catered for within council's public facility, subject to monetary contribution," according to the staff report.

Sixteen submissions were received in response to the application detailing concerns including with overshadowing, loss of privacy, floor space ratio, waste management, asbestos removal, waste storage, traffic impact, zone interface design, building bulk and scale; impact on street and pedestrians, noise impact, setback, air quality, on-site parking and height.


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