Peninsula News goes it alone

Today, Peninsula News is produced entirely by the voluntary non-profit community group that owns the newspaper, and its supporters.
The long-standing arrangement we have had with Central Coast Newspapers came to an end last week.
The association’s commercial operator advised us that it would no longer produce the paper on our behalf.
Many readers may not be aware that Peninsula News, despite being our community’s dedicated and trustworthy local newspaper for over 20 years, is owned by a community group, The Peninsula’s Own News Service Inc.
Our aim has always been to provide a news service to the people of the Woy Woy Peninsula, as important social infrastructure for a healthy community.
Over the years, association members and others have put in thousands of hours of voluntary work to stay true to that objective.
Under Cec Bucello’s ownership, Central Coast Newspapers was licensed to raise advertising in return for printing and distributing the paper, and covering running costs.
Since Cec has sold the business, we have been in negotiation with the new owner to reach an agreement to continue the previous arrangement.
Central Coast Newspapers has advised us on Tuesday, October 27, that it had decided it would no longer produce Peninsula News.
We were therefore placed in a position of having to produce the newspaper ourselves.
We were left without advertising or any news content that was sent to Central Coast Newspapers for inclusion in this edition of Peninsula News, and also without the support of their journalists who had previously helped.
Help and support needed for our own local newspaper
Today’s Peninsula News has been researched, written, designed, printed and distributed by our local, voluntary, not-for-profit community group and its supporters, and it returns to its base on the Peninsula.
Our news team now consists of a previous Peninsula News journalist, Jackie Pearson, and editor, Mark Snell, both working in a voluntary capacity.
They will also be handling advertising inquiries, at least in the short term.
Your help and support is needed, particularly while we get ourselves back on our feet.
We would welcome volunteers in all aspects of the newspaper’s production, from news gathering and photography, in graphic design, advertising and administration, through to distribution.
Any support local individuals or organisations are able to provide would be greatly appreciated.
NEWS: For example, please send newsletters, media releases, news items or photographs as contributions to future editions to
ADVERTISING: Advertising rates will be no more costly than those under the previous arrangement. Please consider advertising and encourage local businesses to advertise with us. Contact us at for advertising or call us on 4342 5333
DISTRIBUTION: We are also looking for volunteers to help distribute the paper.
Being of service
As newspapers close around the world and the power of the press is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, we want to keep producing an independent, community-owned news service via the Peninsula News and we thank you for your loyalty to the paper.
Please send your contributions to,.
You can also follow us on facebook @PeninsulaNewsNewspaper.

Mark Snell, editor
Jackie Pearson, journalist
29 Oct 2020