A small but important initiative

I recently researched our Woy Woy history and loved the old stories and photos, so much so that I printed some old photos and had these displayed at some spots in Woy Woy.
My heart bled as I did see – or did not see – the historical houses, shops and spaces that have disappeared.
Woy Woy has little left of its history.
Planning ideas since the 1990s have done little to brighten up our township.
So now, at last, Council has some new plans to “activate” some improvements, not with gutters and potholes, but with some streetscape beautification.
Even is it is only a small initiative, it is quite important for our town that get emptier by the day.
It needs brightening up. It needs more identity and more connection.
We, the residents, are wanting to be proud and happy about our town centres.
We can’t redo the mistakes of the past but we can and must encourage our Council and also push for a better streetscape and atmosphere.
Nagging won’t help, having an interest and involvement does.
Let the Council team doe their job, whatever title they give the program.
Have them encourage artists and craftspeople to come forward with ideas to make our little Woy Woy town a pleasure to be in.

Email, 15 Aug 2020
Johanna Reygersberg, Woy Woy