Top contender for weasel words and silly jargon award

Good on Bruce Hyland (Forum, Peninsula News, August 10) for drawing attention to Central Coast Council’s unbelievable “Place Activation Framework and Identity Package” appearing in Peninsula News on July 27.
If there were prizes for documents that maximise the use of weasel words, obscure management speak and silly jargon for basically simple concepts and plans, this document would be a top contender.
Mr Hyland’s letter highlighted some of these crimes against the English language, but please add “visitation drivers” for the more readily understood “local attractions”.
All they were really trying to say was that they were planning to beautify the town centres of Woy Woy, Ettalong and Umina, and if we had any ideas on what was already attractive let us know what they are and what can be done to improve them.
No need for hundreds of words of management speak and other gibberish.

Email, 11 Aug 2020
Bob Newton, Umina Beach