Bayview Cr needs an upgrade

There’s no doubting much of the Central Coast’s roads are being maintained and constructed to a very high standard.
But unfortunately some are still waiting for the attention they also need, probably none higher on that list than Bayview Cr at Blackwall.
Having been a resident of this location for some years, never before has using the roadway felt more confronting.
The surface is so decrepit due to fresh and previously patched potholes that it feels like driving over a cattle grate from start to finish.
It also consists of an extreme hairpin bend which offers road users no vision of oncoming traffic whatsoever.
I’ve witnessed many close calls here.
At the upper end of Bayview Cr, a shear dropoff has nothing more than a number of posts spaced metres apart to act as a safety barrier.
These posts would be totally inadequate in a worst case scenario. A guardrail is clearly required.
A phone tower and nature reserve located at the street’s very top are used by workers and members of the public on a daily basis.
Scores of mountain bikers, hikers, sporting teams and tourists, many of whom are families with children, use it as a thoroughfare to access this recreational area, particularly on weekends.
Speeding motor vehicles are not uncommon either, unregistered trail bikes included.
The risks of collision are exacerbated by the fact that Bayview Cr is only single lane over its entire distance.
Hopefully,the relevant authorities may be able to agree that this popular roadway should receive a much needed upgrade by way of resurfacing and alteration of its current layout.
In doing so, it will reduce the risk of injury and possibly fatality, also giving both residents and members of the public who use it some peace of mind.

Email, 15 Aug 2020
Jarrod Peterson, Blackwall