Average bloke cannot afford extra tolls

I read an article recently in Peninsula News in which Terrigal MP Mr Adam Crouch was spruiking the benefits of the North Connex for commuters to the city.
I don’t think our esteemed Local Member has any idea what it’s like to be a battling commuter on a fixed income.
On top of the $8 toll of the North Connex, there is the M2 and Lane Cove tolls both ways and then the Bridge toll southbound.
I, for one, refuse to pay the $30 extra per day.
This only shows how disconnected our politicians are from the working man.
I can’t take public transport because of the odd hours I work, I must drive.
At 3am, the roads are still busy, not that any politician would have a clue about that I expect.
Do the politicians really think the average bloke can afford this on top of petrol, for the saving of 15 minutes travel time?
I am concerned that they may close a lane on the Pacific Highway to force you to take the toll roads.
It’s not unprecedented.
I am sick of these grandstanding politicians saying “look what I have done for you”.
We do live in the lucky country but we are very unlucky with our local politicians who have no idea what it’s all about.

Email, 23 Jun 2020
Brian Lewis, Umina Beach