Are public toilets cleaned regularly and well?

What a wonderful reason given by the Council for the lack of soap in public toilet facilities – they want to minimise the risk of slipping accidents. (Peninsula News, Edition 496)
In my bathroom, I keep bath oil, body lotion, toothpaste, shampoo and hair conditioner as well as of course soap (both liquid and bars).
Despite this wide selection of slippery liquids, I have always managed to stay upright when walking across the room.
Like most people, I don’t wash my bathroom floor every day but I’ve assumed that public toilets are cleaned at least once a day.
Maybe this is where the problems lie?
Has anyone checked with those facilities mentioned in your article that do provide soap?
Have they reported a large number (or, indeed, any number) of soap-related accidents or do they, as I imagine, clean their facilities regularly and well?

Email, 25 Jun 2020
Sally Ogilvie, Tascott