Call to Council to publish a full response

As reported in Peninsula News, 15 June 2020, it is now more two weeks since I notified Central Coast Council for Ettymalong Creek Landcare of the extensive damage to 23 trees on the creek reserves at Umina, seeking an investigatin and appropriate follow up, including sanctions and remediation.
Other than acknowledgement of the notification, there has been no response from Council, substantive or otherwide.
Follow-up phone calls to Council’s call centre receive promises of a “call back” which do not eventuate.
There is a great deal of concern about this incident from the many people who walk in this reserve and there are clear breaches of the Local Government Act and regulations.
This letter is a public call to Council to publish a full response to the issues raised, in the next edition of this newspaper.
This is the minimum we should expect from our elected body, which professes to be open, transparent and accountable.

Email, 25 Jun 2020
Sue Ellis, Umina

EDITOR’S NOTE: Council has also declined to comment in response to inquiries made by Peninsula News