No reason why bridge ritual should not continue

Much has been written and spoken about the controversy concerning the St Hubert’s Island bridge-safety railing or no safety railing is the issue.
However, nothing is being written or spoken on behalf of the young people most affected by the ultimate decision.
We have witnessed similar scenes so many times over the last 40 years:
The teenager looks at his mates, then at the water.
He slowly climbs over the railing.
He steps back over the railing onto the footpath.
His friends speak to him.
Then without hesitation, he let go of the railing and jumped.
With an almighty splash, he hits the water.
Seconds later her comes to the surface with a huge smile on his face and lots cheers and applause from his friends.
He had overcome his fears.
A coming of age, he cannot wait to do it again.
The Island’s bridge and adjoining beach has become a meeting place for many young people, and we can’t think of one single reason why it should not continue.
I appeal to both Lucy Wicks and Central Coast Council to save their money and use the $900,000 for more worthwhile projects.
If I was any younger, I would be right there with the teenagers.

Letter, 15 Oct 2020
Fred Landman, Daley’s Point