Coronavirus prevention more luck than good practice

After visiting the supermarket in Umina, my casual observations confirmed that we are relying more on luck than good practice when it comes to preventing the spread of Covid-19 throughout the community.
Of the 100 or so shoppers in the store, only four of us were wearing face masks and only one of the staff.
The staff members seemed to have no regard for social distancing and appeared nonchalant as to how close to customers they stood and worked.
Very few people were practising safe distancing even at the check-out where there are prominent marks on the floor showing where customers should stand.
I estimate that perhaps four out of 10 people availed themselves of the hand cleaner supplied at the entrance and perhaps the same proportion chose to wipe down the handle of the shopping trolley they were using with the antiseptic wipes provided.
For the most part, customers wandered around the store completely oblivious to those around them and to the suggested safeguards to prevent the spread of the horrible disease.
We have been lucky on the Peninsula and the Central Coast so far with very few cases of the coronavirus but, as I say, as far as I can see it is because of pure luck and not good practice.

Email, 7 Oct 2020
Vic Jefferies, St Huberts Island