Getting rid of states has complications

In the last edition of Peninsula News, Mr Jim Brooks has discovered that the States are an anachronistic drag on the country in the piece titled “Pandemic highlights ridiculous inconsistency”.
In the letter to the editor, Mr Brooks proposes that we wave our magic wand and “get rid of them”.
Professor Woldring of Pearl Beach and I have been writing on this subject for years – my most recent letter was in the Sydney Morning Herald on July 9.
So Mr Brooks might like to bring himself up to date on the complications of the idea by reading one of Professor Woldring’s books on the subject, and apply himself to the question of exactly how he would go about introducing this change.
He will find that the task requires more than just a letter to the editor.
Experienced political minds have struggled with the problem for as long as I can remember and have come up with no solution.

Email, 6 Oct 2020
Bruce Hyland, Woy Woy