Ward councillors missing from splash pool opening

While at the Peninsula Leisure Centre yesterday (September 30), I saw that the official opening of the $1 million splash park was taking place.
It was disappointing to see that only mayor Cr Lisa Mathews was there to represent the council.
None of the west ward elected councillors were in attendance.
This is just another example of what our elected representatives Cr Holstein, Cr Marquart and Cr Mehrtens think about the area they were elected to represent.
This million-dollar facility should have had at least one of our council representatives there for the grand opening in my opinion – especially when Cr Mehrtens, who works only five minutes up the road for the Member for Gosford Liesl Tesch MP, could not take one hour out of his day to attend.
I’m sure the mayor didn’t prohibit them from attending the opening.
If we were in the campaign period for the next council election, I would put money on it that they all would have attended.
We need to remember things like this, so that this time next year when they are campaigning for the council election, and are claiming all the good things they have done, we can ask why they didn’t attend to represent their community.

Email, 1 Oct 2020
Carl Veugen, Umina Beach