No incident in last three years helped by bridge project

With the St Hubert’s Island bridge project’s funding through the Urban Congestion Fund, it is very difficult to see how this proposal contributes to “supporting upgrades to the urban road network to reduce congestion and ensure commuters get home sooner and safer”.
The Council’s justification for the project is to “improve the safety of pedestrians and deter improper actions of some members of the public”.
We are unaware of a single incident related to safety of pedestrians on this bridge that the proposal would have helped in the three years that we have lived nearby.
Are we therefore going to spend $920,000 to stop a few youths jumping into the water once in a blue moon?
Spend the money on something positive for the youths of our area please.
The council have obviously employed a qualified civil and structural engineer who previously worked for NSW Prisons or assisted the White House down on the Mexican border.
The design has no merit and totally ignores the scenic beauty of our Daleys Point district.
Please cancel this proposal immediately and spend wisely – not just for the sake of reaching a target.
We would appreciate a public written statement from our political representatives.

Email, 22 Sep 2020
Mike and Gill Madden, Daleys Point