Umina bowls results

Part of round three of the Umina Beach men’s and women’s bowling clubs Mixed Pairs competition was played on September 27.
The results were as follows:
Yvonne Gordon and Shane Waddell 16 defeated Terry Causby and Lee Cribbs 12.
“This was a tight game throughout and was 13-12 going into the last end, when Shane was down but moved the jack and then drew another shot to make three shots, said men’s club secretary Mr Peter Springett.
Kaye Cavanagh and Glen Simington defeated Sandra and Martin O’Malley.
The Umina Beach Women’s Bowling Club’s Minor Pairs first round was also played on September 27.
Joan Murphy and Judith Moroney defeated Tania Valli and Sue Craske 21 9.
“It appears the difference between the two teams was Judith’s successful on-shot conversions, one of which saw her side go from two down to five up on the fifth end,” Mr Springett said.
Games in the men’s club Triples Championship competition were played on September 26. “There were some great games, played in very windy, gusty and difficult conditions,” said Mr Springett.
The results were:
L. Cribbs, G. Simington and T. Potter 26 over D. Stephens, W. Pawelko and T. Burgmann 16.
L. Johnston, B. Butterworth and W. Brooks 24 over S. Stokie, A. Rhodes and M. Hogden 21.
R. Austin, T. Brown and S. Waddell 27 over R. Kaltenbacher, G. Ambrose and D. Long 21.
S. Bednarczak, P. Heinemann (sub for B. Ingram) and M. Dewez 31 over B. Harrison, M. Harrison (sub for K. Harrison) and I. Jarratt 20.
M. O’Malley, K. Robertson and R. Hill 21 over P. Irwin (sub for V. Gauci), G. Godwin and B. Moroney 14.

Social media, 27 Sep 2020
Peter Springett, UBMBC