Social twilight netball series to run on Tuesdays

A social twilight netball series is to be run at the Lemon Grove Netball Courts in Ettalong on Tuesday evenings in October and November by the regional netball association, Central Coast Heart.
“Twilight Trylite” will start on Tuesday, October 13, and end on Tuesday, November 3.
Junior, senior, mixed and walking netball divisions will be offered, with playing times starting at 5pm.
Games will be played at the same time each week.
All players in each team are expected to wear similar uniforms, with the same colour shorts and skirts and the same colour tops.
Each team is expected to supply a competent, non-playing umpire with their own whistle, a
scorer, bibs and a ball.
Matches will consist of four 12-minute quarters.
The Trylite series will be followed by a Hot Shot Netball series, running on Tuesdays from November 10 to December 1.
Hot Shot netball is played like regular netball except that teams score two points for a goal shot from the marked outer edge of the goal circle.
The Hot Shot series will be held at the same times and with the same grades as the Trylite series.

Website, 1 Oct 2020
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