‘Safety fence’ is not needed at $900,000

I write to convey my complete disappointment and opposition to the Central Coast Council’s intention to expend the huge amount of $900,000 to prevent a very small number of local youths diving (jumping) from the St Hubert’s Island bridge into the water below during the summer months.
I have lived on St Hubert’s Island for over 12 years and over that time I have become accustomed to seeing young people dive from the bridge.
There is minimum danger as the water is deep and the distance they jump is not great.
To my knowledge no one has ever been hurt and this activity really does not pose a problem.
It certainly does not require the construction of an ugly, completely horrible “safety fence” that will ruin one of the best available views of Brisbane Waters, nor the expenditure of $900,000 of tax payers’ money.
I understand other Island residents take exception to the young people diving from the bridge (why I don’t know) but if they, and the Council, wish to discourage or prevent this occurring I am sure simple signs, regular patrols by Council By Law Inspectors, and the regular issuing of a few fines would see the practice disappear.
I am at a total loss to even try and understand the thinking of whoever it is in Council that proposed the construction of an absolutely undesirable, horrible, unsuitable and completely unnecessary “safety fence” at the cost of $900,000 to solve what is in reality a very minor and innocuous problem.

Email, 22 Sep 2020
Vic Jeffries, St Hubert’s Island