Retiring after 45 years and 40 years of marriage

When Tony and Ros Page decided to retire recently, Member for Gosford Ms Liesl Tesch was there to say goodbye and express her gratitude for their support for the local community.
The Pages have been in the laundry business for 45 years and started their own business on the Peninsula in 2009.
The couple said they had made many fond memories over the years, and their time running Woy Woy Peninsula Laundry Services in Chambers Place.
But it was time to move on their next adventure.
“Over the last 12 years, we’ve built up the business into what it is today and in the process we’ve made many lifelong friends with our customers and the regular passers-by,” they said.
“Our laundry has been like our baby.
“It’s been really fun building it up and we’re very sad to see it go.
“We’ve had many highlights here but one of our favourite memories has been watching the grandkids grow up here.
“We used to babysit them and they’d come and help out every now and then and we all had a lot of fun together in these four walls.”
The Pages said they had known each other for 46 years, been in the laundry business for 45 and just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.
“This is a new chapter for us and while it’s really sad to let our business go, we’re leaving it in very good hands and we’re more than ready for some R and R and a holiday to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.
“The first thing we’ll have to do is buy our own clothes line!
Ms Tesch said she was happy to help out and gave them a clothes line.
“Tony and Ros have invested so much time in the community, sharing and spreading so much joy around Woy Woy,” Ms Tesch said.
“They’ve also helped out our more vulnerable people, offering homeless people free laundry services, which has definitely not gone unnoticed, and also looking out for the elderly.”

Media release, 23 Sep 2020
Liesl Tesch , Member for Gosford