Chef celebrates 20 years at restaurant

A Pearl Beach restaurant has celebrated the 20-year service of owner Mr Scott Fox as head chef.
Mr Fox became joint owner of Pearls on the Beach restaurant, with his wife Melissa, two years after he became head chef.
Mr Fox said the secret to his success at the helm was through surrounding himself with good people.
“I just enjoy working and I think it’s good to always inspire yourself to keep enjoying what you’re doing,” he said.
“Working for myself is a big part of why I’m still here.”
Mr Fox said the importance of communities supporting local businesses has been made no more evident than with the coronavirus pandemic.
“We were closed down for a while and reopened as a takeaway, and straight away [the] locals were right behind us, supporting us. The restaurant has now reopened.
“It has made us realise how important we can be to the community.
“We’re happy to keep being current and relevant.
“It’s easy to fall by the wayside after being here for so long, but its good we’re still on-trend.
“It’s always nice catering for weddings, and you get all the brides and grooms that come back in for their anniversary meals – 15, 20 years later.”
Mr Fox said he’s “just happy being down here in paradise at Pearl Beach”.

Social media, 15 Sep 2020
Interview (Maisy Rae), 25 Sep 2020
Scott Fox, Pearls on the Beach