Long-suffering residents have complained for years

It is with sadness and anger that I read of Adam Crouch congratulating himself and the council to the upgrade to the 1.7km stretch of Empire Bay Dr at Bensville.
The long-suffering residents of Bensville have been complaining about this road for many years now and initially the vast majority of residents applauded the fact that something was going to be done.
However, the reality is that yes, the road surface is new and it is now a smooth ride for motorists.
But it still poses major problems of a suitable shoulder and the fact that there is still no footpath for pedestrians to utilise.
As Mr Crouch proudly stated 19,000 motorists use this road daily.
I wonder if Mr Crouch knew that the morning his photo for the paper was taken, a young boy was hit by a car near the spot he was standing.
Further to that, there had been in the previous two days two major car accidents which had the road closed for prolonged periods of time.
It would be wonderful if the council could make this road safe not only for the motorists that fly along it every day but also for the residents who need to use the road to walk along and for the children that need to use the bus stops to get to school safely.

Email, 25 Sep 2020
Cassie Foster, Bensville