Take your own trolley if you want to put your dog in it

I was amazed the other morning to see a gentleman with his small dog in a shopping trolley walking around the store in Umina doing his shopping.
It was just after 7am and the dog was sitting on his blanket in the shopping trolley.
I understand that people need companion animals and do like to take them shopping.
However, I believe that hygiene should come first.
Other people would use the trolley and place their fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and other foods in the trolley not knowing it had been the resting place of a dog.
Please, if you need to take your animal into the shop, either have your own trolley or, if this is not possible, put the dog on a lead and it can walk.
If it is too old to walk around the shop, then maybe just leave it at home or with a friend.
Not everybody loves your dog the way you do.

Email, 15 Sep 2020
Jim Brooks, Woy Woy