Support sought for funding application

Disabled Surfers Association which provides events at Umina Beach is seeking support for a funding application.
It is seeking a share in $3000 of “community funding” being offered by a regional bank.
Supporters are asked to vote for the application up to once an hour on the bank’s website.
“The association provides an opportunity for disabled members of the community to enjoy the experience the quintessential Australian past time of surfing,” said branch president Ms Rae Fiechter.
“We are a volunteer organisation and have been operating for fifteen years.
“We provide four events per season at Umina Beach.
“Although a small branch, we are growing each year in participant numbers.
“Increasingly, we are receiving requests from participants outside our community.
“Among those are individuals and group homes wanting to bring participants from the northern beaches and western Sydney.
“As our numbers grow, so does our need for more equipment.
“According to the 2016 Census, the region has a 17.2 per cent volunteer participation rate.
“We utilise surfers who can read the ocean, experienced disability carers and anyone capable of putting ‘smiles on dials’.
“We actively recruit volunteers from board riding clubs, surf clubs, community workers, schools and anyone willing to participate in the water or on the beach.
“Ongoing participation is encouraged and we work toward building great teams with free training for volunteers and pairing novice volunteers with experienced team leaders in the water.
“We have a minimum 6:1 volunteer to participant ratio around the board with up to 30:1 ratio for more challenging disabilities.”
Supporters can vote for the funding in the community section of the Greater Bank’s website.

Website, 15 Sep 2020
Rae Fiechter, DSACC