Registered clubs refuse entry to people from hotspots

Three registered clubs on the Peninsula have jointly decided to refuse entry to people from coronavirus hotspots.
Everglades Country Club, Ettalong Memorial Bowling Club and Ettalong Diggers Club made the announcement in a joint statement by their chairmen.
Ettalong Bowling Club chairman Mr Robert Henderson said the clubs would be “refusing entry to any person who resides in any area that is on the national hot spots listing including all of Victoria and over 300 suburbs in the city of Sydney, along with hot spots from around New South Wales.”
Everglades president Mr Trevor Walker said: “Between the three clubs, we represent approximately 50,000 members and 295 employees.
“A very high importance is placed on the safety of the members and employees during this worrying pandemic.”
Ettalong Diggers chairman Mr John Wood said: “We feel proud that we represent three businesses on the Peninsula that can work together during these unchartered and unusual times.”

Media release, 13 Aug 2020
Bill Jackson, Ettalong Diggers