Opera in the Arboretum not to be held for 18 months

The Rotary Club of Woy Woy will not hold its annual fundraiser, Opera in the Arboretum, for another 18 months.
Earlier this year, the club cancelled this year’s event, normally held in March.
The club has now decided to cancel next year’s Opera in the Arboretum as well.
Club president Ms Joan Redmond said the decision had been made
“due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, the restrictions on public gatherings, availability of artists, and the well-being of patrons and all involved in the event”.
“We have had to make the difficult decision to postpone the next Opera in the Arboretum, due to be held in March 2021,” she said.
“We are now planning to hold what will be our 15th Opera in the Arboretum in March 2022.
“We live in hope that by then a vaccine will be available, the pandemic will have abated, borders will be open, and we can gather once again to picnic under the gum trees and enjoy a glorious afternoon of Opera.”
Ms Redmond said: “The Board looked at switching from March to October 2021 when daylight savings resumes, and to allow more time to elapse.
“However, the Arboretum is not available as the Jazz Festival is scheduled to be held that month.”

Newsletter, 18 Aug 2020
Joan Redmond, Rotary Club of Woy Woy