Will Council buy some paint, or prosecute me?

For many months, I have noticed the deterioration of the painted timber privacy screens outside the front of Gosford Council Chambers.
It is estimated the refurbishment of the building to accommodate Council meetings was at least $1 million.
Yet the budget did not seem to stretch to purchase a small can of paint to maintain the screens.
The refurbished office is now sitting collecting dust unused.
With the neglect of this public facade by Council staff, alternative action was required.
Applying my best citizenship hat, I demonstrated to the Council’s CEO the technique to improve the building entrance, appropriate for a building situated in the main street of Gosford.
Using a small can of sealer undercoat, I started the job, writing “CEO Dulux please”.
Police have questioned my actions and I await further developments.
Will the council spend its money to buy a can of paint, or will it spend its money to prosecute me?

Letter, 4 Aug 2020
Norm Harris, Umina