Time that council demonstrated their vision

When I heard on the news that our councillors had given themselves the maximum possible pay rise, I was disappointed, and said so in the last edition ( No. 499) of Peninsula News.
I was really brassed off when I read Cr Holstein’s justification for the decision.
Forgetting all that, many years ago I was a candidate for Parramatta Council (unfortunately unelected).
I don’t ever recall asking about the monies I would receive, but only thought of the good I wanted to do for the people of Dundas-Telopea, where I lived.
Now it seems that money is the first consideration for some of our representatives.
Cr Holstein et al, the Covid-19 pandemic has given you a unique opportunity to really show us that you are there for the good of the whole Council area and the people of your ward in particular.
This is a time for demonstrating the vision you have to grow our wonderful village.
Both the State and Federal Governments realise the importance of creating much needed jobs, building infrastructure for the future and leaving a legacy to be proud of.
Our Council should be taking every opportunity to ensure our fair share in these one-off programs.
In September next year, you will be delivering fliers to our letterboxes.
Will they show pictures of you proudly standing before completed projects?
Will they show you in front of works in progress?
Will they include details of programs and works in the pipeline or will they include the same vapid promises we have been reading for years?
The ball is in your court.
Are you going to pick it up and run with it or are you going to sit back, thinking of ways to spend your extra $30 a week, while it is washed down the gurgler.
I will now stow my soap box next to my high horse.

Email, 6 Aug 2020
Laurie Powell, Woy Woy