What we always wanted – graphics, colours, words

On top of everything else, we now have to cope with a Place Activation Framework for the Peninsula (“Activation framework and identity package for Peninsula”, PN 499).
Since there seems to be no mention of this phenomenon on Central Coast Council’s website, it is impossible to have a definitive opinion on it, but to read that its purpose for the Peninsula is to “facilitate creative patterns of activity, exchange and connection that support its ongoing social, recreational, cultural and economic role and celebrate its unique character” must strike fear into all hearts.
One wonders who participated in the secret consultations that led up to the formulation of this document – clearly not the general population of the Peninsula who might have very different priorities to the ones mentioned.
For instance, it would be revealing to know how many residents of Woy Woy see, as a high priority, “an activation team (whatever that means), large-scale event (whatever that means), interactive boardwalk (whatever that means), streetscape beautification (well, at least, that’s intelligible if vague), artistic mural (don’t we already have one of those at the oval), greenery (what?) and colour (of what?) and a business hashtag (I don’t have the faintest idea what that is intended to achieve)”.
There will also be an Identity Package, consisting of “an assembly of graphics, colours, words and phrases designed to express the town centre’s unique image and essence”.
This is undoubtedly what we have always wanted, and the very thought of it is enough to make one fully appreciative of the herculean efforts the Council is making on our behalf.
If only someone would fix the potholes and the drainage and the parking and the traffic jams, our joy would be complete.

Email, 29 Jul 2020
Bruce Hyland, Woy Woy