Pedestrian crossing petition attracts 500 signatures

An online petition to be presented to Central Coast Council calling for a pedestrian crossing on Mt Ettalong Rd at Etta Rd has attracted 527 signatures.
“We want the crossing to be safer so there are not multiple people with dogs, prams, bikes and kids waiting on the island with cars driving past on either side at 60km/h,” said petition organiser Ms Jo Iskandar of Umina.
“This crossing is the main pedestrian access point to Umina Beach, the Recreation Precinct and Umina Beach Public School for Umina South residents.
“We love the Precinct and beach area and want to use it regularly, but the crossing is scary.
“Our preference is to walk where we can, but we need footpaths and road crossings that allow us to do that safely.
“We want to encourage our children to be independent.
“To do this we need to feel confident that they can walk or ride safely to school and access the Precinct and beach by themselves.
“We want the crossing to be more visible, particularly on the west side of Mt Ettalong Rd, so cars can see there are pedestrians waiting to cross the road.
“We want the footpath extended on the west side of Etta Rd so that we are not forced to walk on the road.
“We want to be an active and connected community.”
The petition can be found on the website.

Website, 4 aug 2020
Jo Iskandar Umina