Aged care home stays in a state of isolation

A Umina aged care facility remains in a state of isolation and highly restricted access “due to the ongoing coronavirus developments across NSW”.
Peninsula Village introduced a state of isolation and closed its doors to visitors on July 16 and decided to continue the measures on July 30.
“We are deeply sorry that we have had to take these measures,” said chief executive Mr Shane Neaves.
“Due to the increased virility of Covid-19 and lessons already learnt regarding aged care facilities in Victoria, we feel that now is the right time to put these controls in place to do our best to keep the facility Covid-free.
“Our decision of course was made with our residents and staff front of mind.
“As soon as this period of high risk decreases, we will once again open our doors to visitors.”
Peninsula Village will permit only essential services and visitation to residents in a state of palliation.
Those who fit the exemption criteria will be allowed entry only after discussion with the facility manager.
“We are strongly advising residents both in care and in independent living units to cease excursions outside the facility except for urgent reasons such as medical appointments or food shopping,” Mr Neaves said.
He said that, if a resident needed to leave the service, they would be asked to wear a mask, available from reception, while out in the community.
“We will provide a Visiting Window Space where you can see your loved one and talk via mobile phone communication.
“You will need to book a visiting time via the facility administration.
“Peninsula Villages will continue its family Zoom calls and you can book accordingly by contacting reception.
“We are asking that independent living residents and care residents exercise social responsibility and limit their access to communal areas and self-isolate if unwell or if you have visited any of 11 Sydney hotspots.”
He said visitors who had been to these hotspots in the previous 14 days would be excluded from the facility.

Website, 30 Jul 2020
Shane Neaves, Peninsula Villages