Second edition of Stories from Patonga is planned

The Patonga Project is seeking accounts from people of their experiences and memories of Patonga.
The Project released a publication entitled Stories from Patonga in 2010.
“It is a collection of stories from 33 people who lived in Patonga between 2006 and 2010,” said co-ordinator Ms Jennifer Evans.
“It is not an historical account, but rather a collection of those people’s memories that sometimes gave glimpses of Patonga’s history.”
Work has now started on a new edition, More Stories from Patonga.
“These books are essentially a collection of people’s stories and they can’t be done without people contributing their memories.
“Stories from Patonga is a feel-good sort of a read.
“It is not rocket science, nor will it ever be a best seller.
“But it did give people a smile and helps to preserve some of the memories that make Patonga such a special place.
“We expect the same with More Stories from Patonga.”
Ms Evans said that with coronavirus restrictions being lifted, work on the new edition could proceed.
“In the first edition, I would sit with people and have a chat about their experiences and memories of Patonga.
“The conversation was recorded and later transcribed.
“Now, we have developed an additional pathway.
“You can also send me a story.
“The only rules are: There must be some relationship to Patonga and you can’t make any comment that others might find hurtful.
“Photographs make the story come alive.
“I can help you to edit the story and scan photos or help in any way that I can,” said Ms Evans.
“You have final editing rights and can withdraw your consent to use the story at any time up to publication.
“When we have a collection, we will publish it and have a book launch in the hall for all contributors.
“The last book launch was enjoyed by everyone.”

Website, 23 Jun 2020
Jennifer Evans, Patonga Project