Gallery re-opens in Ettalong

Artwork of the national vice-president of the Australian Society of Marine Artists, Ms Karen Bloomfield, will feature at an Ettalong gallery now that it has re-opened.
The Art Studios Cooperative at the Bay Gallery in Ettalong is now open on weekends with new exhibitions every eight weeks.
Due to coronavirus, the Bay Gallery was forced to close its doors, but re-opened on Saturday, June 13, with a new exhibition, Lifted.
Ms Bloomfield has contributed a number of her “creature and industrial works”.
“When you have a group of artists making work together for an exhibition everybody will use their own mediums and their own styles differently but for an overall purpose,” she said.
“The purpose of this particular exhibition was to give the feeling that we, as artists, had at the lifting of restrictions, which is why the exhibition is called Lifted.
“What we found was interesting.
“Because we all work separately, whenever we come together to actually hang an exhibition, we’ve got all this different work so the room ends up having a very specific feel to it depending on the artwork.
“We all noticed this time how light, airy and pleasant the room felt because the inspiration for this exhibition was one of hopefulness and looking forward.”
Also on display are works from local artists including Dianne Gerlach’s travel landscapes, Victoria Austen-Young’s depictions of the female face, Leasha Craig’s sculptures, Helen Mortimer’s pieces and Carolyn Griffiths’ digital works.
The Bay Gallery is located behind the Mantra in Ettalong Beach.

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Interview (Haakon Barry), 19 June 2020
Karen Bloomfield, Art Studios Co-operative.