Work may commence on Umina shopfront

A construction certificate has been lodged so work can commence on the upgrade of a Umina shopfront.
The certificate was issued by a private certifier so work can commence on improvements to a shopfront at 204 West St, Umina.
The development application for the $247,500 part demolition of a shopfront, a new shopfront infill and internal fit-out was lodged with Central Coast Council in November 2019.
The 1252 square metre site is located on the corner of West and Rickard St.
The site currently contains a three-storey brick building of mixed use, with residential units, a child care facility and commercial retail space.
The works are to be carried out for commercial tenancy number one.
They include part demolition of the existing shopfront, shopfront infill and internal fit-out for a beauty and wellness centre.
The proposed fit out incorporates a retail and reception zone, waiting area, treatment and therapy rooms.
A Statement submitted to Council in support of the development said it was well justified and complied with the objectives of Gosford Local Environmental Plan 2013 and was consistent with the Council’s relevant Development Control Plans.
The statement said: “We recommend that Council give consent to this development subject to appropriate conditions of development consent.
“It will improve the amenity of the site and therefore its effect on the surrounding area.
“It will create the opportunity for employment during both construction and operation.
“It will improve the streetscape appearance of the site from the existing development; and it has utility services available to support the development.
“The proposed dwelling will have minimal impacts on adjoining properties; the expected traffic impacts are minimal and adequate access to the road network exists.
“The existing parking and manoeuvring arrangements are considered adequate for the proposed use.”
According to Council’s assessment report, the subject site was zoned R1, general residential and B2 local centre.
The proposed development was defined as a minor addition to an existing mixed use building and the use and occupation of an existing commercial tenancy permissible in the zone with Council consent.
The assessment report acknowledged that the original mixed use development generated a total demand for car parking of 33.9 spaces but only 25 were proposed, representing a shortfall of nine spaces.
“The developer paid contributions for a further nine spaces during the course of construction,” the assessment report said.
“Later the plans were modified and a storage area was converted to a carparking space providing one space in excess of required, therefore it is considered the additional floor space proposed with the current application of 15 square metres would not generate a requirement for any further parking to be provided on site or any further contribution.”
Accordingly, Central Coast Council granted consent for the works.

DA Tracker, 20 Oct 2020
CC57569/2019, Central Coast Council