October’s rainfall exceeds 160mm

October finished with rainfall of almost two and a half times the Peninsula’s average for the month.
Rain in the last week of the month, including falls of 99mm recorded on October 26 and 28mm on October 25, brought the total to 164.2mm by October 29.
This was 2.38 times the monthly average of 69mm.
In the six days from October 24, figures totalling 149.4mm were recorded by Mr Jim Morrison and Lachlan Mottlee of Umina.
In the past 15 years, there was only one year where the October total was greater: 2018 when 246.3mm was recorded for the month.
Last month’s rain brings the year-to-date total for the Peninsula to 1426.7mm, 33.5 per cent greater than the average cumulative total at the end of October of 1069mm.
It is the highest cumulative total for this time of year in 15 years, with the next highest figure of 1378.3mm being recorded in October 2016.
The Peninsula’s average annual rainfall is 1250mm.

Spreadsheet, 30 Oct 2020
Jim Morrison, Umina