Kiosk windows smashed by bottles and rocks

A kiosk at Umina has had its windows broken, after bottles and rocks were smashed against it.
“The park was littered with broken glass from empty bourbon and vodka cruiser bottles being thrown at our shutters and onto the ground,” said Jasmine Greens Park Kiosk proprietor Ms Gabby Greyem.
Central Coast Council subsequently locked the public toilets due to vandalism damage, she said.
She said that Gosford police had advised that 22 closed circuit television cameras on the building and in the park were not working.
“Their servers were down and there is no footage of the vandalism.
“Whoever smashed our windows stood out of range from our cameras and propelled rocks and glass bottles from a distance.”
She warned visitors to look out for glass in the playground and in the grass.
“Wear shoes. There is broken glass everywhere and it’s very hard to see.”
Ms Greyem said that the kiosk traded from a table the shutters down as a result of the damage.

Social media, 18 Oct 2020
Gabby Greyem, Jasmine Greens