Ettalong Diggers directors positions are filled

Two directors positions have been filled following elections at the Ettalong Diggers RSL club annual general meeting, held on October 25.
One of the three-year board positions was filled by existing director, Mr Michael Duffy, and a new director, Mr Kent Sayer was elected to the second position.
The two other candidates, Mr Eric Henry and Mr Tommy McAuley, were unsuccessful.
All office bearers remained unchanged as a result of the meeting.
The meeting voted on changes to the constitution to enable electronic voting.
Club chairman Mr John Wood gave an update on the steps taken by the management team in response the coronavirus and how it has affected Ettalong Diggers.
“I am sure we can all agree, we couldn’t have possibly envisaged present circumstances, with the unprecedented effect this virus outbreak would have on all of our lives,” Mr Wood said.
“On Monday, March23, in accordance with Government instructions, our club was shut down and ceased to trade due to Covid-19,” he said.
“Restrictions were lifted which enabled the club to re-open on June 9.
“The reopening of the club was a major task as there were many restrictions we had to adhere to, in accordance with the NSW Government and health regulations.
“These included the strict implementation of social distancing, restricted numbers, reduced trading hours, strict entry requirements and Covid Marshalls trained and monitoring all areas of the club.
“During the shutdown period, Ettalong Diggers operating assets were managed by the club’s maintenance manager Mr Dion White and his team.
“Ettalong Diggers employs 131 staff, consisting of 39 full time, 87 casuals and five part time personnel.
“Shutdown had a traumatic effect on these employees and I thank our chief executive Mr Bill Jackson for having managers available to advise them on JobKeeper requirements and registrations.
“Our dedicated team included deputy chief executive Colin Murphy, Mardi Belle (HR), Joanne Campbell (payroll), Joy Allan (admin) and Elaine Fleming in finance.
“Mental health counselling was and is available to all employees who may have difficulty with the issues and impact of Covid-19.
“To protect our members, guests and staff, our Deputy CEO is to be commended for his dedication in formulating policies of compliance to keep Ettalong Diggers a safe and virus free establishment to visit.
“Our customer friendly reception staff, Club Security and Contract Cleaners are dedicated in upholding health requirements to the highest standards.
“Unfortunately our target for a $1.7million operational profit for the 2019-2020 was not obtained due to the lockdown period and the subsequent severe operating restrictions.
“As per the financial report for 2019-2020, the operational profit resulted as $6288.62.
“Membership renewals have been disappointing and as of September 2020, we have 18,754 financial members along with 375 Starfish and Beach Teen Club Members.
“This year we have six long time members eligible for 50-year membership badges and they are Roy Bailey, David Barry, Allan Charge, Warren Crain, Brian Hake and Robert Thomson.
“Ettalong Diggers has a dedicated voluntary Board of Directors who in addition, to the regular monthly meetings, have made themselves available for many unscheduled Special Board Meetings via Zoom during the Covid-19 crisis period.”

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