Double standards on kerb and guttering

I am writing this to hopefully bring to light an issue at Ettalong.
It seems there is again a double standard between private developers and Council-owned properties.
When a change is made to the property, the council requires kerb and guttering along with footpaths to be installed by the owner of the property, when for example it is redeveloped into units.
Yet when Ingenia Lifestyle Village, which operates on council land in Fassifern St, Ettalong, was re developed two years ago, the council did not install kerb and guttering or even footpaths.
This property has a restricted occupancy to those aged 55 and over.
There are over 100 residents between the age of 55 and 95, many reliant on walkers and wheel chairs, yet there is no footpath.
I would appreciate it if council would provide an explanation of why footpaths were not installed when the major redevelopment of over $3 million took place.
Is this discrimination or double standards?

Email, 14 Oct 2020
Rob Meyer, Woy Woy