Class placement requests open until November 20

Special requests for class placements at Woy Woy Public School should be made before November 20, school principals Ms Ona Buckley and Mr Dan Betts have asked.
“How we structure classes for 2021 will depend on the total number of students enrolled for 2021, the staffing entitlement the Department of Education allocates and numbers in each grade year,” they said in the school newsletter, Namalata.
“Teachers are in the best professional position to make the decision about where a child should be placed for the optimum possible benefit of their educational progress.
“Children grow and change as they progress through school.
“They change socially and their associations with other children change.
“Academically they may need support or challenge.
“It is important to remember that students are placed in classes to enhance their learning opportunities with sound teacher professional knowledge backed up with assessment, work task results and classroom teacher observation expertise on the educational, social and emotional growth of a child.”
The principals said they welcomed parental input in the process.
“If you believe there are extenuating circumstances that need to be considered when placing your child in a class for 2021, you are welcome to make an appointment to meet with us to discuss this matter.
“Alternately you can put your concerns in writing and address the correspondence to the Principal.
“This process is totally confidential.
“All these requests will be taken into consideration but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to fulfil these requests, as numbers, teachers available and professional educational judgement will determine the final outcome.
“Please ensure we have all of these concerns by November 20.”

Newsletter, 23 Oct 2020
Ona Buckley and Dan Betts, Woy Woy Public School