ACF branch calls for long-term beach management

The Central Coast branch of the Australian Conservation Foundation for a long-term plan to manage Ocean Beach.
Branch president Mr Mark Ellis said: “The Gosford Beaches Coastal Management Plan only provides for the short term, and that is within a budget that no longer exists within Central Coast Council.
“What is the long-term plan for management for protection of the beach, roadway and properties, which border the immediate hazard line shown in an aerial photo contained in the plan?
“Will a long terms strategy be created in the upcoming coast management plan that will replace the current coastal zone management plan?”
Mr Ellis said there had been little action at Ocean Beach since The Esplanade road closure in 2015 due to the erosion.
There had been “beach renourishment in front of the surf club”.
“An erosion fence has been installed along a section of the esplanade near Rickard St.
“And some beach scraping has occurred for beach access to paths affected by erosion between the Ocean Beach Surf Life Saving Club clubhouse and Ettalong Point.”
Mr Ellis asked: “How is the Council and state government going to achieve the primary objective of the Gosford Beaches Coastal Zone Management Plan: To protect and preserve the beach environments, beach amenity, public access and social fabric of the Open Coast and Broken Bay beaches while managing coastal hazard risks to people and the environment?”

Media release, 28 Oct 2020
Mark Ellis, ACFCC