Rotary club plans to start dementia cafe

The Rotary Club of Brisbane Waters plans to start a dementia cafe to create a socially supportive environment for people with dementia.
Club president Mr Peter Mote said the club had spoken to the local Country Women’s Association to use their hall for the cafe.
“Through this cafe, we will endeavour to empower people living with dementia to regain their autonomy, boost their self-esteem and improve their well-being while providing support to those in the caring role,” Mr Mote said.
Supported by Dementia Australia, dementia cafes are often run by community groups, which endeavour to defeat the stigma and isolation that many people living with dementia and their carers experience every day.
Mr Mote said the cafe would be designed to be a safe and welcoming social hub for carers and people living with dementia, and was planned to start in February.
He said that Rotary Club of Brisbane Waters had also donated $500 to Australian Rotary Health which had been collected from funds raised in the Peninsula Pooch Parade.
“We raised $355 from the dog show and $145 from our sponsors to round out the donation,” Mr Mote said.
“We are still working on the arrangements for Stroll, Sip and Sample with the proceeds to suicide prevention workshops in primary schools run by the Iris Foundation.”

Newsletter, 10 Oct 2020
Peter Mote, Rotary Club of Brisbane Waters