Hospital encourages traditional mental health therapies

Brisbane Waters Private Hospital is encouraging community members and patients to think about their mental health and tune in to their wellbeing during Mental Health Month of October.
Hospital community relationship manager Ms Petrina Waddell said this year’s theme was “Tune In” and patients would be encouraged to try therapies they hadn’t tried before.
“The Central Coast Clinic at the Hospital uses evidence-based therapies such as yoga, tai chi, art therapy, music therapy and hydrotherapy as part of the holistic care provided to our patients,” Ms Waddell said.
“Research shows incorporating these therapy activities with traditional methods can be beneficial treatments for mental health and increasing a person’s wellness.
“These therapies reduce the impact of stress, improve one’s energy, decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as providing physical and emotional stimulation.”
Ms Waddell said yoga and tai chi were gentle exercises that incorporated both meditation and controlled, physical movements.
“The focus on deep breathing and stretching your body is effective for relieving the symptoms of depression, pain, and loss of energy,” Ms Waddell said.
The hospital will host activities during the month including music therapy, clay modelling, and gardening.

Media Statement, 15 Oct 2020
Petrina Waddell, Brisbane Waters Private Hospital