Grant improves the walk to podiatry service

A local podiatry business has received a grant to improve the walking surface to its premises.
Umina Podiatry clinical director Mr Damian Gough said the business had applied for the grant after clients said had struggled with the path to the service.
“We had a lot of damage to our driveway with potholes throughout the concrete, which the funding has allowed us to mend,” Mr Gough said.
“We’re so pleased we’ve been able to fix the accessibility problems and improve our client’s experience.”
Umina Podiatry received the money in just three days as part of the NSW Government’s small business Covid-19 recovery grant scheme.
Mr Gough said Foot Health Week was held from October 12 to 18.
He said regular check-ups can make all the difference for people suffering with foot health.
“Most people usually only engage in podiatry services after they experience problems, but ordinarily there are many warning signs which if identified early can ease the problems you may encounter in the future,” Mr Gough said.
Member for Gosford Ms Liesl Tesch said the project would provide the Peninsula with more accessible services to better healthcare.
She encouraged other local businesses to apply for any grant opportunities to help make the journey out of Covid-19 easier.

Media release, 9 Oct 2020
Liesl Tesch, Member for Gosford