Art gallery returns to regular hours

An Ettalong art gallery has returned to regular opening hours and has launched a new art exhibition, New Beginnings.
Art Studios Cooperative director Ms Leasha Craig said the Bay Gallery had experienced lockdown and shortened hours for months due to coronavirus restrictions.
“We have a lot more people coming through now and appreciating that we are open,” Ms Craig said.
“Initially we shut down for three months from March, which then changed to just weekends.
“All the artists thought they would get a bit of work done in their studios during Covid-19, but that didn’t happen either.
“I suppose we all felt a bit lost without the gallery.”
Ms Craig said the current New Beginnings exhibition was about life after the pandemic, the appreciation of social interaction, and a fresh start.
The exhibition includes work from six different artists and covers a range including paintings, sculptures, digital work, abstract art, and figurative art.
Ms Craig said a development application had been approved for the Bay Gallery which allowed for a new outdoor awning on the building.
She said the plan was to have a sculpture constructed on top of the new awning.
“We are going through the process of getting approval for the sculpture, but it will be quite spectacular once it’s displayed on top of the gallery.”

Social Media, 3 Oct 2020
Interview (Hayley McMahon), 8 Oct 2020
Leasha Craig, Art Studios Cooperative