Application to renovate Booker Bay marina

A development application has been lodged with Central Coast Council on October 13 for renovations to a Booker Bay marina.
The proposed development is for the existing Machans Marina at 5-7 Bilba Ave, Booker Bay.
On the same date the proponent lodged a “section 4.55” amendment to a 2009 development approval to upgrade and extend the existing marina.
The work is estimated to cost $350,000.
It is exactly 10 years since a construction certificate was granted for the 2009 development application.
The deferred commencement consent was valid for five years.
A construction certificate had also been lodged in February 2010 for alterations to an existing jetty associated with “Machans Marina”, involving replacement of timber decking and removal of northern pylons with floating concrete pontoons fixed to exisitng southern timber pylon.

DA Tracker, 13 Oct 2020
DA59759/2020, Central Coast Council