Speak up for the ABC

A few years ago the Friends of the ABC had a market stall at the Avoca markets and Lucy Wicks, her husband and friends visited us.
She had a chat and shook hands with us.
She said: “We love the ABC.”
That was most heartening comment coming from a Liberal Party MP, and we believed her.
However, what we have experienced in recent months is that Mrs Wicks is not responding to several letters sent by members of the Central Coast Friends group complaining about the severe cuts in funding to the ABC by the Coalition since 2013, other than regurgitating the unconvincing explanation by the PM and Minister Fletcher that this is not true.
The desire of this Coalition Government to privatise the ABC is well established but we are requesting the Member for Robertson to demonstrate her love for the ABC and speak up for Australia’s public broadcaster.
The enormous importance of the ABC is beyond argument.
Its value as a standard bearer of quality broadcasting is an example for all the private broadcasters.
Just what happens when that is abolished could be seen when the Commonwealth Bank was privatised. If Ms Wicks claims to represent all voters in Robertson, the usual claim in Australia’s electoral system, she should publicly demonstrate her love for the ABC and speak up.
We are listening.

Email, 25 Sep 2020
Klaas Woldring, Pearl Beach