Government revokes marina licence

The NSW Government has revoked the Empire Bay Marina’s licence following repeated requests, according to Member for Terrigal Mr Adam Crouch.
He said ongoing safety and environmental concerns were the main reasons for closure, and included safety hazards, a lack of pollution control, structural defects in the boat shed, and encroachment onto adjoining land.
Mr Crouch said the ongoing breaches of licence conditions by the marina’s operator had created a significant risk to occupants and public health and safety.
“Crown Lands has worked to have the marina operators comply with their licence conditions since 2018 but, despite repeated notices, warnings and fines, the site issues were never properly addressed, forcing this compliance action,” Mr Crouch said.
“The community has a right to feel confident that Crown land is being looked after and occupied by tenants in an appropriate and safe way.”
Mr Crouch said Crown Lands has now taken control of the site and has commenced actions to quickly address the safety hazards.
“The site has also been secured with fencing after a building condition assessment confirmed that the boatshed is structurally defective and unsafe for occupation,” Mr Crouch said.
Boat owners who have been using the marina were being requested to seek alternative locations to moor, he said.
Owners could access their vessels with authorisation of Crown Lands by calling 1300 886 235.

Media release, 16 Sep 2020
Adam Crouch, Member for Terrigal