Disabled access to come to The Pavilion after 15 years

A long-standing issue preventing disabled access to The Pavilion at Woy Woy could finally come to an end after representatives from both Deepwater Plaza and The Pavilion have met to discuss possible works.
An apparent agreement between them brings to an end a 15-year impasse, which arose after a private building certifier failed to ensure that disabled access to The Pavilion was available from adjacent carpark, and Council staff failed to intervene resolve the issue.
This left a ramp from the shop level to the street without any safe means for people in wheelchairs to access the carpark for 15 years, and vice versa, due to high kerb and guttering.
Representatives of both Deepwater Plaza’s manager Dexus and of owners of The Pavilion have said that agreements are being finalised to improve accessibility between the Deepwater Plaza car park and The Pavilion.
The required works are expected to start soon, with plans to include a new zebra crossing between the two premises, as well as the gutter being levelled for wheelchair and mobility devices to access the Pavilion’s pavement.
An additional access point for shopping trolleys and wheelchairs within the carpark has also been discussed.
Speaking on behalf of The Pavilion owners, Mr Aron Korani said this had been a subject of frustration for many years and he was happy to finally see some positive change to meet the needs of the community.
“We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and look forward to working with Deepwater Plaza in the coming days and weeks and providing the public with a safe and happy journey between the two premises,” Mr Korani said.
“Everyone is excited and optimistic for construction to begin.”
Speaking on behalf of Dexus, Deepwater Plaza centre manager Ms Marcelle Proper confirmed there had been discussions between the two parties.
“Both parties are working through possible solutions to improve pedestrian access and safety between the two buildings in a timely manner.”
She said they were “finalising the agreements to improve accessibility between the Deepwater Plaza car park and The Pavilion”.
“The required works should commence shortly.”

Media statement, 10 Sep 2020
Aron Korani, LIV Realty
Media statement, 10 Sep 2020
Marcelle Proper, Dexus Group