Podcasts made for Women’s Health Week

Brisbane Waters Private Hospital has released a series of podcasts in support of Women’s Health Week.
The podcast is part of hospital owner Healthe Care Australia’s project to promote women’s health and encourage women to get regular health check-ups.
Community relationship manager Ms Petrina Waddell said the podcasts for Brisbane Waters Private Hospital focused on local female surgeons and practitioners.
“We just want to profile the resources that we have here in the community, in line with Women’s Health Week,” Ms Waddell said.
“Other Healthe Care hospitals are doing this as well, but for the Central Coast, we are highlighting the services of our local doctors.”
The podcast features guest speakers like specialist breast surgeon Dr Mary Ling, neurosurgeon Dr Vanessa Sammons, clinical psychiatrist Dr Su Kalava, as well as journalist Ms Jane Worthington, and Member for Gosford Ms Liesl Tesch.
Ms Tesch will be sharing the story of community member Andrew Church who is currently battling stage four cancer.
“I want to share Andrew’s journey. He was only just running for parliament four years ago and is now battling cancer,” Ms Tesch said.
“He has always been an advocate for healthy living and getting regular health checks, so I want to raise awareness for this.”
She said it was crucial not only for women to get free cancer checks but also for men, as there was a high level of bowel cancer within the community.
“Let’s make sure we take advantage of these free opportunities and give ourselves some peace of mind,” Ms Tesch said.
Ms Waddell said the podcast was an informal educational session that pushed the importance of women’s health and awareness to the front of the communities’ mind.
“We want to create those little light bulb moments where women will start listening and paying attention to their bodies,” Ms Waddell said.
Ms Tesch said she was optimistic the podcast would encourage the community to actively think about their health every day and into the future.
The podcast will continue after Women’s Health Week is finished.

Media release, 7 Sep 2020
Interview (Hayley McMahon), 9 Sep 2020
Petrina Waddell, Brisbane Water Private Hospital
Liesl Tesch, Member for Gosford