No firm date for water main project, despite 22 breaks

Hardys Bay residents says they have experienced 22 water main breaks along Araluen Dr within 18 months, but have been given no date for a project designed to fix the problem.
“We were told that the full length of the water main was going to be replaced in 2019 and still nothing has happened,” said resident Ms Pauline Garde.
Hardys Bay Residents Group president Mr Adrian Williams said that, despite discussing the issue with Council staff since June last year, “we still have no firm date for a repair or replacement to the street’s water mains issue”.
“With help from Cr Jane Smith, we had a Zoom meeting with water and sewerage director Jamie Loader, where a few elements of this issue were addressed,” Mr Williams said.
Mr Loader said the project was a part of the council’s capital works program which needed to go through regulatory approval and environmental consideration before construction could start.
“It’s high on our list of priorities, and we recognise the inconvenience it’s causing every time it breaks,” Mr Loader said.
“We are apologetic to the residents, and we are moving as fast as we can.”
He said he hoped work could start by March next year.
Ms Garde said her house had experienced three breaks which caused the loss of mature trees and plants in her front yard, with the most recent break in August.
“I could only imagine the Council would be paying a heavy price by having to call in emergency crews to fix these pipes,” Ms Garde said.

Media statement, 9 September 2020
Adrian Williams, Hardys Bay Residents Group
Interview (Hayley McMahon)
Pauline Garde, Hardys Bay
Jamie Loader, Central Coast Council