House demolition permitted

A Complying Development Certificate has been issued by Central Coast Council to permit demolition of a fire-damaged house in Umina.
The two-storey fire-damaged house was located at 67 Greenhaven Dr.
The certificate became effective on September 10 and the applicant has five years to complete the demolition of the building.
A temporary hoarding or temporary construction site fence must be erected between the work site and adjoining lands before the works begin and must be kept in place until after the completion of works if the works could cause a danger, obstruction or inconvenience to pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or could cause damage to adjoining lands by falling objects.
Demolition may only be carried out between 7am and 5pm on Monday to Saturday and no demolition is to be carried out at any time on a Sunday or a public holiday.

DA Tracker, 8 Sep 2020
CDC59118/2020, Central Coast Council