CWA branch sponsors student excursions and activities

The Umina Beach branch of the Country Women’s Association has donated funds to Umina Beach Public School to help students participate in excursions and educational activities.
Branch publicity officer Ms Margaret Key said the idea to donate funds came at the suggestion of branch president Ms Rikki McIntosh.
“In the past, we have donated as individuals to charities at Christmas,” Ms Key said.
“Rikki suggested that it would be lovely to support our local primary school.”
Branch members who want to contribute can choose an amount to be donated each month, which is then presented to the school.
Due to this month’s donation of $440, Kindergarten students were all able to attend the recent Australian Reptile Park visit to the school, with pythons, lizards, turtles and a baby alligator.
Students were taught how to safely touch the animals, and the importance of avoiding them in the wild.
Ms Key said she was pleased with what the club had achieved for the school and the opportunities that it gave to the students.
“We wanted to support the school, so no kids miss out on school events because of money,” Ms Key said.
“We want to bring all women and families together and form a network of support within the community.”
Ms Key said branch members intended to continue to donate to the school once a month into the foreseeable future.

Social media, 9 Sep 2020
Media statement, 9 Sep 2020
Margaret Key, CWA Umina Beach